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4 Commonly Asked Questions About Photo Booth Hire

These days, hiring a photo booth seems like a must-do when preparing for any party or event. Whether you are planning a corporate event, a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary party or some other special affair, having a photo booth onsite is considered as a great decision by many. It keeps both you and your guests entertained and it definitely prevents them from getting bored. Additionally, it allows you and your guests to have countless irreplaceable photographs which make a great memento to remember your event by. However, what does a photo booth hire really entail? Here are some answers to common questions asked regarding a photo booth hire.

Who sets up the photo booth?
If you choose a professional photo booth rental company, they guarantee you with topnotch and excellent service. This means that you no longer have to worry about setting up the photo booth since they will gladly do it for you. This ensures that the photo booth is properly set up and that it will work smoothly. Setting up a photo booth also requires special care since it needs to be safe for the people who will be inside it.

Who delivers it to the venue? And who will take it after use?
Again, when you hire a professional photo booth rental company, you do not have to worry about delivery and pick up. They will communicate with you, ask where your event will be held and then they will liaise with the venue as well. Knowing where your venue is and talking to the appropriate people there will guarantee that they have permission to set up at least an hour before the start of your event. Photo booth rental companies ensure that the photo booth is set up even before your guests arrive. This avoids disruption of the flow of your program and it prevents causing an annoyance among the guests. Also, the rental company will take down and pick up the photo booth after your event or during the next day. This depends on the hourly package that you avail of.

How long does it take to set up?
It takes roughly about one hour to set up the photo booth. The time it takes to set up the photo booth will not be charged since this time will not be counted as a part of the run time of your rental. However, if you request to have it set up by, for example, 3pm due to certain circumstances, but will not be used until 7pm, some photo booth rental companies will modestly charge you with an hourly rate due to the standby time.

Is there a bench or a seat inside the photo booth?
Yes, there are some photo booths with seats or benches for people to sit down on. However, there are also photo booths without them. These photo booths are considered as stand-up style photo booths. It gives additional space and allows even more people to be inside at a time. It also provides more freedom to move around which means that people could strike whatever pose they feel like doing.

These are just some of the most common questions asked by people regarding a photo booth hire. Make sure to do some more research first if ever you want to hire one. However, having a photo booth in your party is without a doubt a fun and excellent addition!


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How to Find the Best in Melbourne Photo Booth Hire

If you are planning on hiring a photo booth for your next big event, you may want to be careful who you hire from. Not everyone is going to provide you with the same level of service or a decent price, you can check at Treasured Memes.


What Kind of Options Are You Getting?

You might think that every photo booth hire company is the same and that they all offer the exact same services. But there is actually a lot of variety to what is being offered. Some only have a handful of booths, so their supplies may be limited and they may not have all the booths you require for your event.

Some of them offer attendees that will stand by the booths and ensure that everyone is able to use the booth properly. That can come in handy when you are dealing with guests who may have never used a booth before. And you never know what kind of controls the booth may have. They could be difficult for some of your guests to figure out. It can help to have someone there who knows what they are doing.

You may also want your booth to be decorated to match with your event’s theme or colours. Once again, not every company is going to offer this option. If you want the photo booth to blend in well and not just be an eyesore, then you may want to have it decorated by the photo booth hire company before it arrives.

Service Expectations

What kind of service are you expecting from the photo booth company? Do you expect that they will be on time, that the machine will work like it should and that the booths will be placed exactly where you want them? All of these are variables, and you cannot just count on the company to come through for you.

You may want to consider looking into a company’s reputation before you settle on one. It is worth looking into what past customers have to say about them and what people tend to think of their services, options and pricing. It’s also a good idea to compare prices to see what the fair market value is for photo booth hire services. It could be that if you pick the first company you see that you will pay far more than you should be.

What We Offer

We ensure that we continue to offer the best value to each of our clients. Our competitive prices and committed service are features we know you will love. No matter what kind of photo booth hire services you need, we can take care of you. We offer full booth decorating and prompt delivery and pickup. And we setup and attend the booths once they have been delivered. We want your event to go as smoothly as possible.

If that is what you want as well, then contact us today. We will discuss your event needs with you and find out how we can best accommodate you.

Learn How You Can Tune Your Ukulele

So you’ve been playing your ukulele for a little while and suddenly it doesn’t sound like it used to any more. It’s probably not breaking down. Instead it is likely in need of some tuning. Any stringed instrument will get out of tune after a while, and you just need to re-tune it to get it sounding the way it should once more.

Ukulele Tuning

The simplest way to accomplish that is to use the ukulele itself. You don’t need any other tools. But be forewarned that this won’t give you authentic ukulele notes. Instead, it will just sound good on its own, but not as part of a larger musical ensemble.

So to start, you will need to identify the notes. The first string, or the one closest to the right side of the uke, is the A. That is the note you will use to judge all the others against. The other notes from right to left are E, C and G. So start with the A and play the note to see what sound it makes.

Then put your finger behind any other note and play it that way. If your ukulele is out of tune, the note will sound different from the A note. The goal is to get it to sound exactly like that A note when you play the other notes this way. So just tighten the tabs on the top of the ukulele until you produce the right sound. You can do the same for all the notes.


Piano Tuning

You can also use a piano to tune your ukulele. It still may not give you the exact sound that your ukulele is supposed to produce, but it should be quite a bit closer than if you were tuning the uke on its own.

What you will have to first do is identify the A, E, C and G notes on the piano. Then press them and compare them against your ukulele notes. You will need to tune your uke until the notes you play on it sound the same as they do on the piano. It can be somewhat difficult to tell just how accurate you are making your ukulele, but with a keen ear you should be able to do a decent job of it.

Tuner Tuning

There are tools made solely for tuning your ukulele. These are electronic tuners, and they are fairly easy to come by. Most music shops will carry them. What they do is help you identify the notes you are playing and allow you to compare them against how the notes should really sound.

So when you clip the tuner to your ukulele and play a string, it will tell you which note you played. Then you can use the tuner to produce the proper sound and tune your uke appropriately. This will give you the truest sound for your uke and will be the best way to tune it.